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Unlock Elizabethtown Escape Rooms


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Unlock: Elizabethtown Escape Rooms is OPEN AND EXCITED to thrill our guests! However, your health is our first priority! Click here to see how we are keeping you safe and book your escape room today!



We had a great time breaking out! The Jailbreak room was challenging but we were able to break out by working together. It was great fun for the kids, teens, and adults in our group! The attendant was super fun and added to the experience. We definitely recommend this activity!

– Facebook, Mindy Schodorf Henson

My 11 year old wanted to do this for her birthday party and they all had a blast! They have talked about it all afternoon and want to go back and do the other rooms now. Great place to go and Shawn was a big help! Thanks so much for making her birthday party so fun!

– Facebook, Kristie Clemons Westerfield

The room and associated puzzles were challenging yet not impossible. A fantastic team building experience, entertaining, and really makes you use your noggin.. You definitely had to work together to make it out of there. The staff was very nice and friendly.

– Facebook, Theresa Hill

I took our Academic Team and they loved it! It was a great opportunity to put team working, listening, and problem-solving skills to work. I highly recommend for any high school club or group.

– Facebook, Amanda Groves

Everyone should check this out. I have been to 2 of the rooms and I will definitely be coming back for the last one. Definitely worth the money and such a great group activity! Check it out!!

– Facebook, Margo Powell

I had a great time with some awesome coworkers! I really enjoyed the team work and opportunity! If you have never done this before I encourage you to get a team and go for it!

– Facebook, Sandy Langston

Unlock Elizabethtown has 4 awesome rooms to choose from! Whether you are looking for some family bonding, a night out with friends, or a team building experience with your work Unlock Elizabethtown is the perfect choice! I enjoyed my experience at Unlock Elizabethtown, so much that I have been back to experience all four escape rooms. Support your local small business owners and visit Unlock Elizabethtown!

– TripAdvisor, aethomas731

Celebrated a birthday party with my son & several of his friends. Staff was very humorous & professional. Had a great time.

– TripAdvisor, Wendy B


UNLOCK Escape Rooms is a fun, new, and interactive entertainment concept. It is a real-life escape game designed for small groups of people (2 to 12 individuals, depending on the game). Your goal is simple: work together as a team, testing your wits and skills, to escape from a locked room. While the goal is simple, the game is challenging. Getting through the locked door requires finding objects, figuring out clues, solving puzzles, and working together. Book your escape room at UNLOCK Elizabethtown today and see if you can keep cool under pressure and escape from the locked room in under 60 minutes. Good luck!